2011 Donors


Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.
Barrier Motors
Bellewood Presbyterian Church
Broderick Group, Inc.
Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound
Eddie Bauer
Electronic Tracking Systems
GLY Construction
Kemper Development Company (The Bellevue Collection)
Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers
Lincoln Square Cinemas

Lincoln Square Office
Marathon Industries, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gift Program
Nelson Electric
Patriot Fire Protection
Perkins Coie
Puget Sound Energy
Steinberg Consulting Services, Inc.
Sweeney Conrad, P.S.
Temple B'nai Torah Rabbi James L Mirel Discretionary Fund


Alan Cook
Amy Hedin
Amy Mullins
Amy Wasser-Simpoon
Andrew Wappler
Brad and Gayle Miyake
Brett Burns
Brian Fritz
Carl and Mary Krikorian
Charles Hafenbrack
Chief Michael Eisner
Craig Gilbert
Craig Shrontz and Lynn Ristig
D.P. and Jan Van Blaricom
Dale Miller
Daniel Meyers
David Serkin-Poole
Dennis Gleason
Dianne Upton
Dr. Daniel and Patricia Brzusek
Dr. Gary and Rochester Schuster
Dwight Whiting
Eric and Melinda Lilley
Fabienne Brooks
Freya R. Brier
Gail Alexander
Gail Mautner
Glen W. Bachman
Goran Sparrman
Grant and Kathryn Degginger
Gunnar Nordstrom
Hank Kerns
James and Paula Melby
James Hutchinson
Jane Hague Springman
Janet Taylor
Janis Hemingway, Retired BPD
Jason Vena
Jennifer Leavitt
Jerry and Mary Anne Knoll
John Chelminiak and Lynn Semler
John Garner
John Thorpe
Jorge Gonzalez
K. Cyrus Habib
Kimberly Greenhall
Kjell Schei
Kyle Aiken
Leslie Lloyd
Lisa Hess
Louis E. Odom II

Lourdes Salazar
Lynn Withrow
Major Cherie Baker
Mark Bowen
Maxine Paige
Melinda Lingenbrink
Melissa Bloom
Michael and Bunny Vena
Michael Pozzi
Michele Royer and Lewis Turner
Michelle Underwood
Morgan R. Blackbourn
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Broder
Mrs. Corbett
Pat Arpin and Lisa Emerling
Patrick and Deanna Foran
Patrick Trudell
Patti Skelton-McGougan
Paul and Pam Olson
Peter Wang
Police Chief Linda Pillo
Rabbi Daniel A. Weiner
Raj and Nina Johal
Robert Cohon
Robert Dallain
Robert Kornfeld
Robert Wallace and Kevin Wallace
Robin Zambrowsky
Roger and Amy Hackett
Ron Thompson
Rosemary Montagnes
Sarah Beckerman
Scott Bowen
Sonia Feinroth
Stephen and Connie Marshall
Steve and Ashlie McConnell
Steve and Carole Sarkozy
Steve and Jody Gorlick Bellar
Steve and Linda Reichenbach
Steve and Shelley Brown
Steve Litzow
Susan Fraser
Suzi (Gidlof) O'Byrne
Tandra Schwamberg
The Margaret E. Brice Trust
The Tjelle Family
Tim and Edie Johnson
Tricia Richards
William Brooks
William G. Bryant
Winslow and Rita Hayes