Digital Forensics Server


Prior systems used by the BPD were limited in their ability to adequately store hard drives, which are becoming larger, and consequently a limited amount of data. These systems were working independently with no central location for storing image and case files.

The recently purchased Forensic Network is a series of processing and imaging computers connected and integrated directly with a high-speed, high-capacity server to share resources. The file server operates as the core of the Forensic Network and can be used as a central storage facility for Forensic Images as well as applications software for use by the client processing and imaging stations.  Multiple forensic clients can access case and image files simultaneously without duplicating information on several workstations

The addition of the Forensic Network server to the Digital Forensics Lab now allows examiners to process case requests more efficiently, maintain a central location for forensic files, and to give them the ability to effectively handle newer technology.