Fernico ZRT-2 Camera System


The ZRT 2 mounted camera system allows an examiner the ability to document evidence items found on mobile devices when there is no ability to conduct a digital extraction. 

Each year hundreds of new mobile devices come to market making it very difficult for mobile forensic companies to add support in their devices for every one of these new mobile products.  When there is no support for a mobile device it is often times more efficient for the examiner to obtain screenshots of any evidence items found on the phone.  Simply taking pictures of a device screen would not require the use of such sophisticated equipment but the ZRT system goes beyond just pictures.

ZRT 2’s powerful and reliable software streamlines the numerous steps of the manual examination process to deliver huge time saving benefits while capturing pictures and high definition video. Direct integration with the Canon EOS DSLR camera range, combined with professional grade camera equipment, enables ZRT 2 to capture very high quality images for the built-in report generator. Photos and videos are automatically resized into a customizable report template for presentation in court or distribution to other detectives and agencies. Faster convictions with longer sentences can be secured using a picture-based report, as a court can clearly see the defendant’s motives or actions were recovered directly from their cell phone.