Thermal Fingerprint Developer


Forensic evidence collection techniques are advancing at a tremendous rate and the Police Foundation is helping the Bellevue Police Forensic Lab stay ahead of the curve with the purchase of a TFD-2, Thermal Fingerprint Developer. The TFD-2 is a chemical free method for the development of latent prints on paper items.

The TFD-2 is an automated, high throughput device capable of developing latent prints on large quantities of paper. The device raises the temperature of the documents causing a chemical reaction between the fingerprint residue and the paper, producing a fluorescent by-produce visible under ultraviolet light.  This system offers the following advantages over other development techniques:

  • Latent print can be detected in seconds
  • No chemical process required
  • Contactless system reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • High throughput reduces search time
  • Can be uses sequentially with other development processes