2011 Breakfast Fundraiser

Second Annual Fundraising Breakfast

"Bellevue Police Foundation : CSI"

The second annual Breakfast fundraiser was held at the downtown Hyatt Regency Bellevue Wednesday, March 23rd. Approximately 175 members of the community attended along with members of the Bellevue Police Department and Bellevue Police Foundation. Attendees pledged $61,000 to support the police department, an $18,000 increase over last year.

Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecuting Attorney, shared examples of the ways in which forensic evidence leads to solving crimes in our community and building strong cases in the court room. He specifically pointed to the recent thefts using ATM card skimming and the ways in which state-of-the-art equipment such as the crime light are imperative to finding criminals.

The crime light was one of the most recent purchases by the Bellevue Police Department thanks to the generous donations of individuals and companies within the community, donations raised by the Bellevue Police Foundation. Other recent purchases on display were the hostage negotiation phone and an electric T3 vehicle, which breakfast attendees enjoyed testing.

Jim Melby, Foundation president, noted “Budget constraints simply don’t allow for purchasing this type of equipment, so donations are a critical component to help our police department continue to make Bellevue one of America’s safest cities."