K-9 Roc Locates Suspect for Clyde Hill Police Department


Bellevue Police Department received a request from Clyde Hill Police Department for assistance when one of their officers was involved in a shooting. The suspect was reported to have stolen a car from another city, driven recklessly on the highway, and exited into Clyde Hill.  The description and license plate were dispatched out to Patrol. A Clyde Hill officer saw the stolen vehicle and attempted it to stop it, but the driver proceeded to try to run over the officer. The officer shot at the vehicle as it sped off.  The vehicle crashed a couple of blocks away and two suspects ran from the vehicle. 

Police K9 team Officer Knudtsen and his partner β€œRoc” responded to the area, along with several Bellevue Police patrol officers, Special Enforcement officers and Kirkland K9 team. They conducted a tracking/trailing search for about 90 minutes. Roc located the suspect and officers were able to take the suspect into custody, and Roc also located some valuable evidence in the case.  The second suspect was not located that evening but was subsequently arrested the next day.

The Bellevue Police Department wants to thank the Bellevue Police Foundation once again for granting funds to the department to purchase Roc.  He is a huge asset to the department and the community. Searching for violent felons is extremely dangerous but these dogs not only find the bad guys but make it much safer for our officers.

Thank you again for Roc!  He ROCKS!