Triage Forensics Software


Currently the Digital Forensics Lab is experiencing a backlog of between 4 to 6 months due to the high volume of digital devices needing to be inspected and examined for our cases.

It is not unusual for a search warrant to yield 20 or more separate digital devices, all of which need to be examined to determine if any files of evidentiary value can be located. Most of the time, however, there is a high probability that a majority of the seized items are not going to contain anything of value so it is becoming increasingly necessary to triage the evidence items and quickly determine what devices can be returned and what will need to be kept for a thorough examination.

A forensically sound and comprehensive tool is needed to help filter and qualify devices for full forensic examinations. Triage-Examiner® by ADF is a software package that meets this need. The product will help the lab identify negative devices quickly and avoid the long process of imaging, provide high confidence in the results by giving timely and accurate information about the system and ensure a forensically sound process. This software should help us reduce the current backlog allowing for a quicker turn-around for examinations.