Bellevue Police Department Bicycle Patrol Returns

The department's bike patrol will be coming back to the Bellevue community! The City Council recently voted to add funding for four bike patrol officers, and a Corporal to act as Supervisor.

The former bike patrol unit began operating in the early 1990's, but was eliminated in 2011 due to the economic downturn and budget cuts. Officers for this new unit will be selected sometime in January 2016, and will begin training shortly afterward.

Police Chief Steve Mylett said, "I would like to thank the City Council and City Manager Brad Miyake for their tremendous display of support in restoring funding for our bicycle patrol unit. This proactive unit will be a powerful tool in our downtown core as well as our many parks, and our bike paths and trails."

Bike patrol officers can patrol areas that are not easily accessible by vehicles, and are most beneficial for use in parks, trails, waterfront, wooded areas, in and around special events, and can also go indoors. For places with a high volume of foot and vehicular traffic, such as Bellevue downtown locations, these bikes are a versatile, mobile, and very effective form of law enforcement.