Two years ago, the Foundation decided to begin honoring a police officer with an award at the Breakfast event who had demonstrated a pattern of professional achievement, personal commitment, and strong community service. The award name was changed this year to the Platinum Service Award.

In 2015, our award recipient was Officer Craig Hanaumi, and last year, Officer Robin Peacey, who has since been promoted to Sergeant.

We were very pleased this year to honor Sergeant David Sanabria, who has been with the department for 20 years, working in Patrol, as a School Resource Officer, K9 handler, and motor officer, where he currently serves as an additional supervisor for the Motor Unit and collision investigators, as well as sharing the supervision of the Parking Enforcement Officer and Parking Enforcement Volunteers. He manages the Photo Enforcement Program, Citizen Traffic Service Requests, equipment and vehicles for the Motor and Traffic unit, and approves all collision reports. He serves on the Traffic Collision Review Board, and works with the Bellevue School District and the Transportation Department during the yearly Walk to School Day. Furthermore, his duties include assigning off duty flagging work for construction in the City, coordinating and planning training for the entire Motor Unit, he coordinates with other agencies during Presidential Escorts, and is responsible for the Motor/Traffic Unit duties and responsibilities for City wide events such as the Strawberry Festival, 4th of July, Snowflake Lane, Garden D ’Lights, Arts and Crafts Show, and the 3 day Cancer Walk.

Significant accomplishments during his career involve incidences as a K9 officer apprehending an attempted child rape and burglary suspect, and in taking action to stop an assault which saved a woman's life.

Another woman was saved from a possible suicide attempt by the quick thinking and response of this officer.

After a Vehicular Homicide and Felony Hit and Run, he spotted the suspect, gave chase, and took the suspect into custody, but only after a violent wrestling match.

Sgt. Sanabria is known as a team player, is a leader and leads by example. Bellevue Police Department Detective Debbie Ingram has stated that this officer's "level of leadership, work ethic, and dedication make him a very valuable representative of this department."

Mr. Bill Brooks, Assistant Security Director for the Kemper Development Company, worked closely with this officer in 2016 to plan for public safety at the Snowflake Lane event, and describes him as "friendly, approachable, community oriented, hard-working, dedicated, honest, fair, selfless, able to see other’s point of view, is loyal to his oath of office, and exemplifies and models the Bellevue Police Department’s overall mission statement.”

The Bellevue Police Foundation applauds Sergeant David Sanabria for his outstanding police service, and career performance.