2018 Platinum Service Award Recipient: Detective Molly McBride

This 2018 award recipient is an officer who has become the longest serving member in the history of the Bellevue Police Department. Forty years! As only one of ten females in a male dominated profession, she hired on in 1978 and  served as a patrol officer for the first seven years of her career. A promotion to Detective in the Investigations Division followed where she worked on property crimes, crimes against persons and assaults. She was the first female at the Bellevue Police Department to be assigned to a Detective Unit.

From 1997 to 2011 she returned to the Patrol Section, and with her work ethic and  excellent ability to deal with people in crisis, her peers selected her as an Officer of the Year. Other assignments included Field Training Officer, and the Hostage Negotiation Team, where she successfully negotiated positive outcomes in a number of incidences. Within the department, she became a peer counselor, and was involved in the police recruiting process. Almost every current member of the department has had this officer involved in some part of their hiring or training process.

Returning to the Investigations Section, she served as a Special Assault Unit Detective, where she investigated crimes against children. Two years ago she joined the Hiring Unit as a background investigator, doing background checks on those applying to become Bellevue police officers.

Serving dinners to those in need at the Salvation Army Eastside Community Center, and opening her home and providing a holiday meal every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas to all Bellevue police officers who have to work are ways she gives back to her community and fellow officers. She is known in the police department as "Mama Molly."

It is an honor to present our award to this dedicated, inspirational, and committed officer who has proven herself many times over; is a role model; has gained the respect of her community and peers; and truly cares about each and every person.  We are proud to honor Detective Molly McBride's with the Bellevue Police Foundation Platinum Service Award.